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Learn about tools to manage HR

UPDATE 10/31/23:

In April 2023, our current Employee Benefits Management tool, Ease, was acquired by Employee Navigator. From this point on,  we will be migrating all clients to Employee Navigator by the end of 2024.

One Login

Employees only need to remember one login and password for onboarding, benefits, and HR

Integrated PTO & Payroll

Manage employee time-off requests, create custom PTO policies, and streamline payroll processes

Leverage Existing Data

Set up employees one-time and their information syncs across the entire system


Rely on HR data to make companywide decisions with visual and organized data

Increase Engagement

Keep employees engaged year-round with mobile HR tools and push notifications

Intuitive New Hire Onboarding

Smoothly integrate new employees and put onboarding on autopilot

Stay Compliant

Managing HR online makes it easy for you and employees to follow company policies

Org Chart

Easily search employees and assign managers within the org chart

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