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Learn about compliance

TASC has our clients covered with a liability protection package unique to our industry. Our Hold Harmless clause is included in each Service Agreement for any of our compliance and continuation offerings for a total aggregate liability of one million dollars. TASC pioneered the course to stand behind our services with a Hold Harmless agreement that insures our clients when utilizing our Continuation/Compliance service offerings. It's not often a client is backed by a one million dollar guarantee, which puts TASC in the forefront as a benefits partner.

How Hold Harmless Works:

  • If a client is financially impacted by TASC’s failure to perform, or by mistakes made in the administration of their Continuation/Compliance service offering, they are covered up to a total of one million dollars.

  • The one million dollar limit is an aggregate total of all losses for any TASC failure to perform related to the Continuation/Compliance service aggregate tool.

  • The client is protected in the event our service offerings are deemed “not adequate” in the eyes of governing bodies.

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